(Association of Liberal Democrat Trade Unionists)

The Association of Liberal Democrat Trade Unionists is here to support Liberal Democrats who are active in their trade union and in the community of their workplace.

We also support Liberal Democrats seeking elected office in their trade union.

The workplace is one of the communities that we spend a lot of our time in, so we need to be prepared to practice community politics in the workplace to make a real difference for our friends and colleagues.

Trade unions can, and do, campaign on many issues that affect the wider community as well as the workplace such as

  • Campaigning Against Climate Change
  • Campaigning to combat air pollution both indoors and outside
  • Campaigning for Equal Pay
  • Campaigning against Racism in the workplace and the wider community
  • Campaigning and working for the highest health & safety standards in your workplace. They really have stood up for workers and workplace safety during the Coronavirus Crisis

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